If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat!


This book changed my life – I read it and decided to leave corporate life behind.  Bye bye to a regular pay check. I said yes to adventure.

If you want to be motived to serve the Lord and to grow in your faith then this is the book for you. Using the story of Peter walking on the water to Jesus Ortberg teaches lots of practical godly lessons for believers today. I have listed several quotes below that spoke to my heart. I hope they will also encourage you!

There is a consistent pattern in Scripture of what happens in a life that God wants to use and improve:
• There is always a call. God asks an ordinary person to engage in an act of extraordinary trust, that of getting out of the boat.
• There is always fear. God has an inextinguishable habit of asking people to do things that are scary to them. It may be a fear of inadequacy (“I am slow of speech and slow of tongue,” Moses said). It may be a fear of failure (“The land we explored devours those who live in it,” cried the spies sent out to the Promised Land). It may even be a fear of God (“For I knew you were a hard man, seeking to reap where you did not sow,” claimed the servant in Jesus’ parable). But one way or another, there will be fear.
• There is always reassurance. God promises His presence (“The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior!” an angel assures Gideon who had certainly never been addressed by that title before). God also promises to give whatever gifts are needed to fulfill His assignment (I will help you to speak, and teach you what to say” He tells a stuttering Moses).
• There is always a decision. Sometimes, as with Moses and Gideon, people say yes to God’s call. Sometimes, as with the ten frightened spies or the rich young ruler who spoke with Jesus, they say no. But always people must decide.
• There is always a changed life. Those who say yes to God’s call don’t walk the walk perfectly – not by a long shot. But because they say yes to God, they learn and grow even from their failures. And they become part of His actions to redeem the world.   ~John Ortberg

Looking back I had quite a career.   Now it was time to leave it all behind.  I had many interesting times- receptions with the Head Teacher of Harrow SchoolImage 1.jpg


Meeting the famous- Boris while he was mayor of London!safer parks  008 21-21-05-272.jpg

The reverend Jesse Jackson who spoke eloquently at a Parliamentry Home Affairs Select Committee on violent extremism.


The athlete and politician Lord Seb Coe – whilst on an Olympic 2012 project.


Through to Bollywood Film Stars


I got the best seats at events like Trooping the Colour too


Of course it was not all play.  Shortly after starting at Harrow in 2009, responsible with the Borough Police Commander for community safety we were faced with 25 far right extremists wanting to protest a new local Mosque- 5000 people turned up to “defend the Mosque”  It turned nasty.



We worked hard for days before hand trying to reduce community tension.  The Jewish Community came to support the Mosque and train local Immans in keeping the place safe.  After the troubles we organized a peace march in the area.

I got to organize public consultationsbrendon hills lets talk 002.jpg

Put in charging stations for electric cars


Build green gyms in our parks


Meet local residents to discuss their concerns about safety and litter


Tackle fly tipping at first hand!

Back to the Floor Envirocrime 001.jpgWe found the guy that dumped all this and made him clear it up.  You see it is not always the poor that tip – you have to be wealthy to enjoy Whole Foods!

I organized huge events with over 15000 people attending “Under One Sky” each year.


I loved being responsible for sport and leisure too.


And was a big fan of my community and adult learning team.Kenton Adult Learning Centre1.JPG

I got to meet people in Mosques, Hindu Temples, Synagogues and Zoroastrian places of worship too- Harrow is a very diverse place.P1000220.JPG

I was on the award winning management team that brought “the Council of the year to Harrow too!

DSC01077 21-22-27-967.JPG

Here I am after the ceremony meeting the award presenter Alistair Cambell – Tony Blairs smooth operating press secretary.


My career is over!

212,000 residents, 1500 staff and 3000 volunteer workers. Now it is time to leave all the pressure behind – I am off to Africa!

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