My love affair with Africa begins

I have joined two friends from London, Tom and Shenali, at short notice on a mission trip to train Church Leaders in how to use an evangelism programme called Alpha.  This part of the vision of my home Church in London to offer Alpha Courses to 100m people world wide by 2020.  Today we arrived in Sierra Leone one of the poorest and most amazing countries in this beautiful world.  P1040078.jpg

We are joining a local team (see the picture at the top of the page) they are very much in the lead and want us for specific tasks which we are delighted to help with.  Most people walk here so we get great transport and stop in a compound opposite the Cool Guest House.  The local team is led by Francis Williams whom I met in London and his assistant pastors Eleanor and Dominic.P1020758.JPG

There is a lot of interest in our visit.P1020722.JPG

We soon get to realize how tough life can be here. Children collect water on the way hoe from school.  This is a comparatively wealthy area. Poverty is much greater in the bush well away from the main dirt track highways.


I test it out to find out just how hard it really is!


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