Because He Lives!

I am in Africa, because I believe that Jesus is God, He still lives. His resurrection was a fact and that He gives His Spirit to all who ask.  Not everyone will agree with that but I believe, everyone should have the opportunity to hear the good news that God is alive, He cares for them and wants relationship with them.  What you do with that good news after you hear it, is down to you.  I hope you will know the joy of believing.

After the heat of the city we are glad to make the beach about an hours drive south of Freetown.  Cars break down regularly here and today it is our turn.  There is no AA (AAA) and a local mechanic is found.  They show incredible skill at keeping vehicles moving in this hot, dusty unforgiving climate with the minimum of tools and parts.  An hours work on the transmission and we are moving again.


After our walks on the beach we are invited to the house of a retired minister from the Sierra Leone government.  He is a committed Christian and has invited us to visit with him so that we could pray for the nation.  This being Africa, prayers are different.  After  relaxing meal we step outside and spend the whole night in fervent prayer for the peoples of this nation.  I shall never forget the privilege of being here.P1030901.JPG

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