Sangomas at the Marikana massacre?


Many people I have encountered have told me about how cheap life is in South Africa they put it down to beliefs that you can be reincarnated.  They believe HIV is something you deserve.  Power is often invested in a local witch doctor or healer called a Sangoma.  I have heard many people suggest raping a virgin child will cure you of HIV.

In the last few months I have heard three different people recount times when to their first hand knowledge, children had disappeared in order for a child sacrifice to take place, so tat people could be strengthened by drinking their blood.


Western culture too has many failings.  The focus on time, accomplishment, materialism have all brought progress but at what human cost.  However, these beliefs produce extreme results.  Only a few weeks later, shortly before the South African government shot 34 miners and then charged the survivors with provocation, using powers from the apartheid era, several reporters saw a Sangoma with the miners.  It is alleged he was offering “muti” possibly the results of such child sacrifices to the miners, for 50 rands each. Telling the miners it would stop the police bullets hitting them.  A few seconds later they paid for the conn trick with their lives.




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