Passion in Brighton

Passion plays are a religious drama of medievel origin dealing with the suffering, death, and Resurrection of Christ. Early Passion plays (in Latin) consisted of readings from the four gospels with interpolated poetical sections on the events of Christ’s Passion and related subjects, such as Mary Magdalene’s life and repentance, the raising of Lazarus, the last supper, and the lament of the Virgin Mary.


I am in Brighton to photograph this years Passion Play in Brighton. Held in the middle of the town centre on land in front of St. Peters Church an imposing backdrop for the ancient spectacle.  I am struck by the portrayal of Satan as someone carrying humanity in captivity.P1050818.jpg

The tenderness with which Jesus meets the woman caught in adultery telling others not to cast the fist stone.


The fact that Jesus washed the feet of Judas shortly before he betrayed him.


The torture of the crucifixion and the joy of the ressurrection.


P1060179.jpgThe play was organized by friends at the Passion Trust who raise money to sponsor such plays being performed all over the UK.

For more information visit:

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