Ouch- yes its broken

I am off out to meet with a friend who is interested in a career in politics and wanted some advice on whether to stand as a candidate in a forthcoming election.  We chose a quiet restaurant on the edge of town.  It was getting dark and a bark chip walkway joined the car park to the restaurant.

It came to a dead end so in the darkness, I turned and stood on what appeared to be a step.  All I can remember is my foot slipping as the bark from the written log ( a poor choice of design materials for a step) came away.  As I stumbled, my foot exploded and I heard snapping followed by excruciating sharp pain.

My friend helped me into the restaurant where I passed out and came round in an ambulance.  We never did get to discuss politics much that night as I spent three hours in casualty.  I left on crutches with a cast on- I suddenly realized how difficult life can become when I struggled up the steps to the front door.

Ingenious, well you have to be.  I stuck some felt to the bottom of a tray so I could push my food and cups of tea around the flat with my crutch.  Yes you cannot even carry a cup of tea any more.

The next day, my family came across to help.  I had my work lap top couriered across London.  As a participant in the gig economy on a contract.  I needed to continue working from home until I could move again.

I was so encouraged by the occasional visits from friends but I now had to work out of a hotel close to work living in the disabled room.   All very isolating.  Little did I realize I was about to embark on a three year journey of recovery and set back before I could walk without a stick again.  I was eventually lost my job from that little slip.  It was a chance to rethink what life was about and what I wanted to do. I ended up in the USA. In the USA the car was king and I could go most places in an automatic.  Funny how life works out sometimes.

This was the fateful step taken a day later in daylight.


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