I want to draw and paint!

People visiting my flat will know I have always taken a keen interest in art.  I have collected it from my travels all around the world.  I am off work, unable to walk properly and about to lose my job.

One of the lowest moments I have known for years.  Mentally, I am exhausted but my faith in Jesus is alive and keeping me fighting when others would have given up.

I hear God tell me He wants me to start painting. I told Him I had never drawn in my life.  He retorted – I want you to paint and paint with excellence too.

So I got some paper, put some music on and just moved my pencil to the music.  I enjoyed connecting the music and rhythm to the paper.  After a few days of this my first feeble drawings emerged.  I decided to enroll on some courses and my adventures with art had begun.  Here are some of my early efforts.   Not much but I thoroughly enjoyed the new direction and it helped to lift my depression.




I made this tryptic in response to the slaughter of christians by Isis my first “political” work using old sweet tins and floorboards as a support.

Nazarene copy.jpg

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