Marrakech – Eglise Evangelique Au Maroc

Last week – I woke up one day with a sense I should go to Morocco.  So here I am.  It is Ramdam and I want to pray for people in this land. And meet local artists.

It is hard to get into local Mosques here but I was invited into one!


The noise never stops above the square at night too- a cool place to pray.DSC_1446.JPG

Later on I head over to the Mosque and stand outside for evening prayers – the only Christian among 9000 muslims. Praying for the peace of the nation and for God to open their eyes to who Jesus really is.


I did meet some artists.  This guy painted my name in Arabic!



The streets were an amazing mix of colors, smells and sights


On my second night- I managed to track down the only church in town.  It had just two local members.  They of course cannot be shown!  The pastor had travelled three hours by train from Cassablanca to lead the service.  He then returned home late in the night.  He made this six hour journey, each week, to keep Christianity alive here.  I was able to encourage the church with some art which I had prepared for them.  A humbling experience.


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