Give me a song to sing


Make me hear joy and gladness, That the bones You have broken may rejoice.” – Psalm 51:8

I came to Redding this last September in pain and using a walking stick, a broken foot and damaged knee ligaments two years early were not healing properly.  To say the least, life was frustrating.  Now I know what things were like for all those people I had met in Africa who were permanently consigned to disability for want of simple, inexpensive surgery.

My frustration and not being able to participate in the ministry school boiled over and my prayers became very angry.  I was at risk of bitterness.  God why had you brought me to this place only to sit on the edge.

In the middle of the night, I can remember awaking and God asking me to kneel down and worship Him.  It was cold and I did not want to get up. In obedience I did and began to sing the United Pursuit song:-

“I lift my hands if my hands fail me
I’ll bend my knees if my knees grow weak
I’ll raise my voice and sing, I’ll sing
I know that You love me” (Give Me A Song to Sing- United Pursuit)

After about an hour I heard God say, now tomorrow go to the front of the church and worship, you are not to hide at the back any longer. I went back to bed in peace.

The next day, I woke up, free from pain. I began to walk and realized, I did not need a walking stick anymore.

I began to tell my friends what had happened.  Many of them had knee and foot pain.  Many of them wanted me to pray for them.  I soon had a row of 20 people wanting prayer.  About 2/3rds of them received immediate healings.  This is the power of testimony. When you tell others what God has done for you, their faith increases too.

Update- I regularly pray for peoples feet and knee conditions now and my faith in what can do has reached the point where I expect to see healings.  People speak of a heat in my hands as I rest them on affected body parts.  Only the other week, I was praying for a man who had been waiting for a knee operation for a week. As I touched him, he felt the heat is his knees and began to test them out.  Then in excitement he ran across the field we were in, something he had not been able to do without pain for a long time.

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