Painting for Visitors

Each week, many people visit Bethel from all across the world and the rest of the US too.  We like to make them feel welcome, so I joined a small team of artists who sit in the church cafe (Hebrews- yes the really did call it that) and prepare a little painting or drawing for newcomers.

Here I am with the rest of the talented team.


Watercolour is my medium of choice because of its speed and vibrant colors.  Visitors to the church approach our bench and we encourage them with a little hand made watercolour and a word or song of welcome as the come into the church.  All part of making it a friendly place for people.

Each Christmas Bethel invites all of the local homeless community to the church.  There are far too many here in town as it is a drop of point for people leaving prison. So I am busy preparing watercolors for the party too between visitors.  This is not often as normally there is a que (line) for most of the morning.


Art should be for everyone – not just those who know about it.  We are encouraged to remember it is not about skill or performance but communicating the love of God to people in different ways.

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