O Sacramento River

A poem of my encounters on a winters walk along the Sacramento river

I’ve found this ferrel friend he followed me around the bend.


Watch! And in a moment thougths will mushroom like a cloud. Expanding shards of clarity rising from the forest floor.


Sentry guard in silence stood. You crane your neck and spy what happens in this hood.


Skipping Rocks
Pebbles thrown by mighty deluge
resting gently upon your grassy surface
Your fluid power held still for this season
Reflecting on still millpond water.
For when we lose our reason
You await shout and call for your creator.10553870_10205750201168805_3156662799446826821_o

I run, I glide, you will never have my hide.


Oh master standing in the river please catch a salmon for my dinner.


Rust on you ropes of death you will not have my very last breath.


Crown of thorns you turned to red, just as you thought your maker was dead. The stone pushed back to wake the dead. Spring is ever alive within my heart, made glad by winters dying gasp.



Oh cancer, I hate you so, you rot me from within. Yet in my heart is heaven’s hope and you will never greet me there.


Beyond brief darkness of the cave, pure unstoppable light awoken from the night. Sun moon and stars no more I need, bright is the first eternal day.


Tacky rose you glisten bright, please send me snow this winter’s night .


I want to skip,
Skip dreaming,
Skip ducking and diving
Skip dying.
Skip for all the living


Innocence, her empty buds flung from the car, now lost.


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