Azusa – The Call

I never thought I would visit here!  I am in the Coliseum Stadium in Los Angeles having driven down from Redding along the Route 1 Highway known as Big Sur.  160 miles of hairpin bends along the cliffs of the pacific ocean.

We are here to answer The Call…


A giant event which reflects on the Billy Graham crusades of the 1950s when the stadium filled night after night to hear the evangelist speak.


This time over 75000 have answered the call to come and pray for the nation.  It has been organized by Lou Engle a man passionate about seeing people come to follow Christ but also controversial for some of his very extreme right wing views.  I overcome my reticence to attend as we unite around our love of Jesus and not the local brand of politics.maxresdefault.jpg

I am part of the art team preparing little water colors for the visitors.  I do make it round the stadium between sessions but not as fast as the Olympic Athletes in 1984.

I am moved by the prayers for unity – especially with both reformed and catholic peoples in attendance.  Most moving of all are acts of repentance from the white community towards people from Afro American heritage and Native American heritage.  Recognition is a good start by the church but it has to move from recognition to action.  Institutional racism is a daily experience for many Afro Americans and Native Americans and often leads to protests such as the Black Lives Matters Campaigns.

It was a great day and I got to stay and I got to see the art in the Getty Museum too.  Wonderful.

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