The surfer


A surfing instructor once taught Pastor Ortberg (see my very fist blog) how to center himself on the board, catch a wave, and ride it in to shore. But the one thing the instructor couldn’t teach him was how to create a wave. Just as Pastor Ortberg had no chance of creating the power source needed to surf, so you and I cannot live the Christian life without “catching the wave” of His Spirit and harnessing His power all day long! You’ll know you’re maturing and growing in Christ when . . . after falling, it takes you less time to catch the next wave.

I often feel that life with the Holy Spirit is about catching the wave.  Waiting and depending on Him for that moment when He decides that you are ready to move.

When that moment comes life is exhilarating as you glide forward.

I painted this at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry whilst waiting for the next wave.

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