Live before you die

I have been on an expressive painting course at St Martins College, University of the Arts London.  The course is about using painting as a medium, to experience the limitless creative power of self expression. Teaching  is structured around visual exercises in response to a theme. They will accelerate your understanding of essential elements in the creative process.

The course is led by an indomitable Polish Artist, Ewa Gargulinska.  Stylistically a romantic expressionist, Ewa Gargulinska uses dramatic interplay of the opposite forces of abstract and figurative in unpredictable yet powerful interactions, where the worlds between imagination and reality connect.

Here is one of my first expressive attempts.  Mark Twain once wrote

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

I often used to dream that I was already dead and buried.  Buried alive.  This used to happen when I was not clear on the purpose of my life.  This painting sort to give expression to those feelings.  The feeling of drifting, being disconnected, of floating in an empty universe.


In recent years, my relationship with God has developed and my purpose has become clearer, to live in a way that makes the real Jesus known. To help others to see and feel about the world as He feels it and to respond to the needs of people as He did. I am not always very good at this but this is my purpose and the thing I work on most.

If you do not have a clear purpose in life, my prayer is that God will lead you to the place of clarity about his purpose for you.  Do you know why you exist and what you are on the planet to do?  All plans are meaningless until you can answer that question.

Together with some others painted during the course and in the weeks following it.






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