How strong is your yes?

I am visiting Jesus Culture Church in Sacramento today a global movement, awakening hearts to worship and demonstrate the love and power of God wherever they go. Jesus Culture are passionate to see campuses, cities and nations transformed and believe they have a mandate: to raise, equip, and mobilize those who were coming to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

They do this through the ministry of conferences, events, worship, campus ministries, curriculums, resources and now a local church. Jesus Culture is continuing to grow in bringing young people into encounters with Jesus and equipping them to minister His heart to a broken world…but it wasn’t always this way. Here’s a brief look into the beginnings of our ministry.

Jesus Culture is about creating a culture which is focussed on relating too and living the life that Jesus lived.


Originally based at Bethel they moved to Sacramento two years ago and have fostered relations with minority churches in the poorer communities.

One of the things I have learned over the last year is that when you say yes, it means, yes no matter what the cost, you don’t turn back.  It is right then to ask the question, “How strong is your yes?”  As this podcast explains.





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