Surprise Sithole – A voice in the night…

“Come and prepare to be transformed” was the message for Iris Harvest school  Students from Surprise Sithole, when I caught up with him briefly at the Central London Filling (Gas) Station tonight. Clearly excited at the prospect of a new intake at IRIS, Suprise also told me he was very much looking forward to meeting us all.

Earlier, Surprise had been testifying to the power of prayer in his life and the lives of his family and friends, he told those gathered at the Central London Filling Station.


Reading from Numbers 4, Suprise remind us of the need for prayer covering in all we do.  He told the meeting that during the Sudanese Civil War, whilst traveling from Khartoum, he got caught up in the middle of a bloody fight between North and South Militia and through the power of prayer miraculously found his way to a hotel untouched by the fighting from which he was able to shelter whilst Roland Baker organized a flight out.  He encouraged people to believe that small intercessory prayers can change lives.

Speaking about his experiences of London he said that “if you never want to be greeted by anyone in London, carry a big bible.”  He then called the city a place of blessing a reminded the meeting that “we should begin living a life of appreciation in response to the blessings that we have received.”

Surprise also claims to have a ministry of praying for women to receive husbands.  A number of ladies went forward for prayer and I will keep you posted on any successes.

Surprise had a little fun during the evening at the Filling stations unusual name, saying “if you have a flat tire we can fix that here too.”

For those who do not know much about Surprise,  in the late 1960’s born into an traditional animist family in the small village of Cachote in Mozambique. In his biography Voice in the Night, he writes:

“From the time I was born, my parents hoped I would follow the family tradition and become a witch doctor. […] My childhood was full of strange spiritual experiences and spiritual oppression. This was the only life I knew. […] Did my parents have heal power, or were they charlatans? The answer is both. Much of what they did was trickery, pure and simple. But I also know that they sincerely believed in the spirits, and I saw many strange events for which I have no other explanation than the supernatural. More than once, I found myself floating above the floor as I tried to sleep at night.”

Sithole claims to have heard the voice of God at the age of 15. This voice told him to leave his village, and after wandering in the jungle for two weeks he met a Christian man, Mr. Lukas, who took care of him and taught him how to be a Christian. Lukas said that God had given him a dream where he foresaw Sithole’s arrival. Soon, they received the news of that Sithole’s family had been poisoned back in Cochete. Surprise was the only survivor.  In 2012, I drove from Blantyre in Malawi, to Tete on the banks of the Zambezi in Mozambique – the mine crates and shell holes he describes in his book are still all along the road, creating a slalom as you weave your way through.

Surprise “loves Jesus more than life itself. This all consuming passion drives him to the darkest and most unreached areas of the world with one desire alone – to see the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14)”

The Central London Filling Station meets to worship, to learn to walk in the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power, to advance in emotional maturity and to encourage every member to walk in their ministry.  The London Station is led by Mark Wagner a man who always excudes, calmness, peace and joy.

DSC_3990.jpgMark introduces Surprise.

There are two amazing worship bands who alternate at the monthly gatherings too.

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